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- Visible Spectrometer Model V-BT 360

V-BT-360 is economical simple analytical device with high cost-performance; flexible, easy to use, high quality components, silicon photometric diode detector and grating ensure the high accuracy and precision and excellent spectroscopic performance.

V-BT-360 is compatible with windows based software can help user to expand the application to standard curves and Kinetics

V-BT-360 A variety of optional accessories such as 5-100mm path length glass cuvettes with optional holder can be accommodating in a larges sample compartment

V-BT-360 design helps user to change lamp easily without any further alignment.

V-BT-360 has large LED display enough to read and single soft button for easy operation of switching of Transmittance, Absorbance and Concentration modes and also for auto zeroing and blanking.

- V-BT-360 has LCD screen,
- Auto setting wavelength
- Automatic wavelength calibration.


Wavelength Range

Spectral Bandwidth

Wavelength Accuracy

Wavelength Reproducibility

Wavelength Setting

Photometric System

Photometric Accuracy

Photometric Range

Photometric Reproducibility

Stray Light




Sample Compartment

Light Source

Data Output

Power Requirements






Single Beam





0.002A/h @ 500nm

Silicon Photodiode

1200 lines/mm

4-position - 10mm cell changer

Tungsten lamp

USB Port & Parallel Port(Printer)

AC 85~250V

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